Welcome to my site which is about a journey made in combining three hobbies, Music, Walking and Filming to produce “Countryside Walking”.

I’v always been into music from early teens, either composing, recording or singing with piano/keyboards.   After many years gigging as a vocalist, and fronting a few bands, my focus turned  to electronic instrumentals.  My enthusiasm in electronic music, led to producing original arrangements.

Filming and photography hobbies began after taking up walking and exploring the countryside.    This gave me the opportunity to start filming and editing  to produce videos which is published and shared on social media platforms.

Based in Rochdale, Manchester, the northern countryside provides plenty of scope for not just filming, but inspiring ideas for music. Most of my instrumental genres are ambient to suit the gentle mood of nature and landscapes music.   Some instrumentals have been used as soundtracks for video/filming production. Composing music is a rewarding creative outlet for me.

Music Library

Photography is another outlet.  Below, are a few of my photographs around the the North West of England taken during various walks. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s always something of interest to film on these walks whether cultural, historical, geological features, archaeology or just scenic.  Much appreciation to Michael who accompanies me on walks and contributes with landscape commentaries, also with route navigations.  


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